These instructions are only for customers who are using Truckit Pay. For bookings where you have only paid the deposit fee upfront, the remaining balance is paid directly to your transport provider, on the payment terms stated in your quote.

How to release a Truckit Pay payment to your provider:

  1. Log in to your account at 
  2. Go to My Listings and click on the job for which payment should be released.
  3. Use the action button 'Release Payment' to leave feedback for the job and authorise the funds to be released to the providers bank account.

WARNING: Releasing payment is the same as making a bank transfer, funds can not be reversed. Please make sure the job has been completed before releasing payment. If the Provider is requesting a part payment release prior to delivery, please ensure that you have done thorough due diligence in checking the provider's credibility. Please contact Truckit at if you have any questions about releasing payment.