Absolutely not!

Being a provider on Truckit is completely free. You will not be charged a sign up fee or subscription.

Truckit can actually save you money by helping to fill those empty back loads and providing an easy and efficient system to manage multiple jobs in one place. 

Truckit makes money by taking a deposit fee from each quote in order to cover costs and invest in things like marketing to create more job opportunities for you. 

The deposit fee is a percentage of the Total Quote Amount and works on a sliding scale depending on the job value, where higher value jobs will incur a lower percentage fee. The best way to see what the deposit fee will be for any given quote is to use our smart calculator, which will appear when you click "Add Quote" on any active job.

When quoting on a job, you will see two boxes: 

  • 'Total Quote Amount (incl Truckit fee)' (this is the total cost to the customer)
  • 'Provider's Amount (excl Truckit fee)' (this is the amount that you receive for the job, incl. GST if you are registered) 

The difference between these 2 amounts is the Truckit deposit fee and will be the deposit paid by the customer to Truckit, once they have accepted your quote and booked the job through Truckit. This leaves you to collect the remaining 'Provider's Amount' directly from the Customer.

For quotes where you have selected the payment terms 'Truckit Pay', the deposit fee will be automatically deducted from the Total Quote Amount held securely on your behalf, leaving the Provider's Amount to be released to your nominated bank account upon confirmed delivery of the job.