For quotes where the quote payment terms are Payment Upfront, Part Payment Upfront, Payment On Collection or Payment On Delivery, you will be left with a remaining balance to pay directly to your Transport Provider on the payment terms quoted.

When paying the Booking Deposit, offers the secure payment methods of PayID and Credit Card.

The remaining balance of the Quote is then payable directly to your chosen Transport Provider. Each Transport Provider may have a different set of payment terms or methods, so it is worth confirming before and after accepting a quote what the payment terms and method will be.

We always suggest doing your own due diligence into the transport provider to satisfy yourself of their credibility before paying any amount. If your Transport Provider requests payment of their remaining balance upfront, we always suggest using PayPal or Credit Card as these are secure payment options that provide recourse in the unlikely event of a dispute or cancellation.

You may also suggest to your Transport Provider via the messaging system that they offer Truckit Pay, they will need to submit a new quote with the Payment Terms 'Truckit Pay' for this.