Truckit has a smart freight matching algorithm which allows Customer to Invite Providers to Quote on their active listings.

To use this feature simply go to any of your Active Listings and click the Invite Provider action button.

Suggested Top Providers

By default you should see 'suggested top providers', which are the top 5 recommendations based on a variety of data used by the Truckit algorithm. Click invite next to a Providers name and they will be sent a direct notification asking them to quote on your job.

If after a few days you still are finding it hard to get a Provider to Quote on your job, please contact to access a more extensive list of recommendations.

NB: As the Truckit algorithm sorts through a large amount of data, suggested top providers may not be available until 5 minutes after you create a Listing.

Providers You Know

The second tab in the invitations popup allows customers to invite 'providers you know.'

This handy feature can be used when a customer has past experience with a Provider and would like to engage them again. Particularly handy for our 'Business Customers' who have frequent jobs of similar details and destinations. Or perhaps a friend or colleague has recommended a provider who had given good service on a similar job of theirs.

From here you will be asked to enter the username or email address of the Provider(s) you wish to invite. Click 'Invite' and a direct notification will be sent to this Provider asking them to Quote on your Listing.