In order to get a number of accurately priced quotes, it is important to select the item category that most closely represents the item(s) you are moving. Please see the table below for a summary of some items that are commonly listed under each category, as well as some important details required when submitting a listing in each category.

If you are still unsure of which category your item(s) may fall under, please contact our friendly support team at or 1300 859 850 and they will be more than happy to assist.

Commonly Listed Items
Important Details to Note
CarsMake, Model; Is it Empty (no items inside), Drive-able, Registered, Insured?
Pallets and Packages    
Anything on a pallet or in a box.
Commercial goods, Car Engines and Gearboxes.
Pallet Size, Weight and Quantity; Are lifting facilities available at both Pickup and Delivery?
Furniture, Household & SportsSingle Furniture items e.g. Fridges, Treadmills, Surfboards, LoungesWeight and Dimensions; Is blanket wrapping required?; Is item fragile?
MotorcyclesMotorcycles, On or Offroad
BoatsPower Boats, Sail Boats, Jet Skis, Yachts.Is it on a registered trailer?; Would you like it Trucked or Towed.
Moving Home or OfficeAll moves big and small, Home or Office;
Storage relocation jobs; Multiple furniture/household item delivery.
Will everything be packed by yourself, or do you require packing service?; Are there any issues with access e.g. high level apartment. You can use our calculator to work out approx. volume of your items in cubic metres.
Haulage (FTL and LTL)Large moves that will require a Full Truckload. Warehouse or stock relocation.        Do you know the size of the truck you require?; Total weight of load
Shipping Containers
Household or Commercial goods stored in a container. Empty container moves.Container size; Does Transport Provider require a MSIC Card (International Ports only); Is the container already supplied?; Does the container need to be returned?.
Oversize and Heavy

Auto Parts & Tyres    
Engines, Gearboxes, Tyres, Wheels, Bumper Bars. Are your items on a pallet or skid?; Have gearboxes/engines been drained of all fluids? Are wheels wrapped?
Pets and Livestock
Dogs - moving home, ship to buyer or holidaying.
Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens
Doe the animal (small) have a transit box?; Is it friendly and able to travel in a Car/Truck?
Other General
Anything that doesn't fit into another category.    If you feel like your item might fit another category but aren't quite sure, contact or 1300 859 850 as our friendly team have seen a lot of things moved and can help you categorise your item(s).