As with any online transaction, there are always inherent risks involved, however TRUCKIT takes a number of steps to ensure the provider's on our network are reputable and trustworthy.

All providers on TRUCKIT:

  1. Must supply photo ID and an ABN/ACN on signing up to be a TRUCKIT provider, which can be used to identify them in the the unlikely case of a job gone wrong
  2. Are subject to the feedback and rating system which encourages superior service and penalises difficult or dodgy operators
  3. Are subject to the TRUCKIT rules, which forbid exchanging any personal contact details before a job is booked in order to keep all TRUCKIT users safe and secure.

Truckit recommends customers perform their own due diligence once they are put in contact directly with the provider in order to verify their credibility and trustworthiness. If a provider requests payment of the remaining balance upfront, as with any online transaction, TRUCKIT always recommends using Credit Card or Paypal as safe payment methods which provide recourse options in the unlikely event of a dispute.

It is always best to request and keep a copy of the ID and registration of your transport provider and where possible to take photographs of your goods before and after transport.

In the unlikely occurrence that any issues arise with a provider during a job, Truckit reserves the right to suspend, or remove a providers account.