Truckit makes it easy to ask your provider using our direct Quote Messaging system.

Truckit's marketplace puts the power of choice back in Customers hands by keeping all personal details private so Customers do not receive any unwanted phone calls. Instead, our Customers can choose which Transport Providers they wish to deal with and discuss further details about their listing (such as weights, dimensions, loading facilities and dates) directly with Providers via the "Quote Messages" feature seen below.

Once you have accepted a quote and booked the job, your messages with the Provider now become private. You will also now receive the Providers phone number and email address for peace of mind. 

However, it is best to continue your communication with the Provider through the Quote Messaging system as this will retain a log of your conversation, which can help resolve any unlikely disputes. Dealing direct with the Provider may seem easy, but there is no record of what has been said or agreed upon if issues arise.