Can I get a quote over the phone?

Only on certain routes. Truckit has partnerships with some of the largest car carriers in Australia, which means we can offer instant quotes or estimates for certain routes and certain cars. However the best way to get these and other quotes from our network is by creating a listing for your car here. This will open up your job to our network of 5,000+ Transport Providers who can quote directly and competitively to you.

Whats the difference between Road Transport and a Driven service?

Road Transport is when your car is delivered on a Truck or a trailer i.e. it is never driven except to load and unload. A driven service is when the Transport Provider will drive your car from the Pickup to Delivery address for you. Make sure to check which service each provider is offering in their quote terms, as well as confirming whether their quote for a driven service includes fuel.

How can I make sure my car arrives safely?

The best way to make sure your car is in good hands is to communicate, early and often, with your Transport Provider. Ask questions about their service before booking and document things such as their Licence or Registration details. It is also suggested to take photographs of your car before and after delivery to make sure there is no resulting damage from the trip, taking note of the kilometres on your odometer is also a good tip.

Can I transport my car with personal items inside?

This is a very common question. However this varies with each and every provider, so it pays to confirm with each Provider before and after accepting their Quote. The general practice for car carriers that do allow personal items to be stored in the car, is that they are not covered by any insurance. They must also be safely secured so as not to move around the vehicle.

What is a depot to depot quote?

Sometimes in the quote terms you will see Depot to Depot. This means the provider will pick up and deliver you car to a transport depot. This option can often save you money and can offer the flexibility of dropping your car to the depot at a time that suits you, rather than having to wait for a transporter to arrive at your door.