In order for Truckit to remain a safe, fair and simple platform for customers to obtain freight quotes and for providers to secure more jobs. All providers must follow the Quoting rules whenever placing a quote. Quotes that contravene the quoting rules will be flagged and removed. Repeat breaches of the quoting rules by Providers will result in suspension of your account.

Quotes placed must be all inclusive. 

All quote amounts must include:

  • GST (if your business is GST registered)
  • Truckit deposit fee
  • Any other business costs


John placed a quote with the total amount being $250 but in his quote terms states "$250 plus GST and Truckit fees"

This quote would be against the quoting rules and would be flagged and removed.

Quotes cannot be hourly or unit based

If the listing is not clear on the quantity of items, or the time involved in completing a job, please clarify with the customer using the messaging function, or make an estimate. Do not quote per unit or hour.



    Quote terms of "$50 per pallet" or "$35 per hour" would be against quoting rules and would be removed.

Lowball quotes or attempts to negotiate offsite will be removed and treated seriously

Where Truckit, at its sole discretion, deems a quote placed is significantly lower than a reasonable market value, it will be removed.

The same will occur when a provider instructs or cooperates with a customer to accept a low quote amount to take negotiations offsite.