Packaging Policy

If you are dealing with general freight or loose items, explain to your customers the minimum packaging requirements in order to transport the freight safely.

Examples of some common packaging requirements include:

  • Goods must be in a box
  • Goods must be strapped/shrink wrapped to pallet
  • Engine/Gearbox must be drained of all fluids
  • No personal belongings to be stored in car
  • Personal belongings permitted in boot of car, but will not be covered by insurance

Think about which requirements would be relevant to you transport capabilities and how some simple cooperation from the customer can assist you.

Use Quote References

It is easy to lose track of all the quotes you have placed if you are generating a lot of quotes per day, particularly if you quote via other additional avenues outside Truckit.

While it is simpel to view all your Truckit quotes in the My Quotes tab, the best way to keep track of all your quotes generated is to assign them a unique reference no. 

When placing a quote, you will notice the field 'Reference No.', this is the place to log that unique reference number so you can easily search your system for a particular quote at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: The tips given in this article are general advice only and may not suit your specific business or situation.