There are many factors that can affect the time taken to receive a quote/quotes, incuding: 

  • The availibility of trucks and drivers on your route
  • The type of freight being moved
  • The amount and clarity of information you have given on your listing

Some ways to improve your chances of getting multiple, accurate quotes promptly include:

  • Giving thorough, accurate details about your items in your listing. If you would like to change the details of your listing or add any information you can always use the EDIT LISTING button, but please note this will decline any active quotes.
  • Uploading any images you have of your freight items, using the Add an Image button under Item Details.
  • Responding quickly and informatively to providers messages. Remember they are only asking because they are interested in your job and want to give you the most accurate quote possible.
  • Being flexible in dates and price. Adding a few more days to your date range can attract Providers who may be booked out at the moment, but would be happy to complete your job on their next trip.