New to is an icon to display your 'Provider Type.' This new icon will be displayed next to your username in the Quotes section of a listing, as well as on your public profile. You will need to login and go to Edit Profile to select a Provider Type as it is now a mandatory field for all providers. See below an explanation of each type and steps to edit yours.

Owner Driver  For the sole traders and one truck wonders, you have one truck/vehicle and operate everything yourself, from pickup to delivery, the customer will be dealing with you.

Transport Organisation  With 2 or more vehicles and drivers, you are a transport company that will handle the delivery of the customers goods i.e. no subbies involved.

Agent/Freight Broker While you may not own or drive any trucks yourself, you use your network of contacts to enable smooth delivery for the customer.

To Edit your Provider Type:

Login at

Then click the menu bar (top right) and go to 'Account Settings' then select 'Edit Profile'

Scroll down to find the field 'Provider Type' (located just below About Us and Profile Image)

Select your Provider Type, scroll to the bottom and click Update Profile.