Truckit Pay is Truckit's secure payment system which ensures you get paid promptly upon completion of a job and do not have to chase up your customers for payment.

When you quote with Truckit Pay as your payment terms, invoicing and payment processing is taken care for you. Once your quote is accepted, a customer pays the full quote amount upfront on the Truckit platform and your funds are then held securely in your own digital wallet.

When you deliver the items, simply mark the job as delivered and the customer will be immediately prompted to confirm. Once confirmed, your funds will be released to your nominated bank account straight away. Funds are then subject to normal bank processing times but in most cases will be in your bank account within hours.

To add or change your preferred bank account simply go to Account Settings>My Payout Methods. When placing a quote, select Truckit Pay as your payment terms, if they are not already.


  • Does Truckit earn interest on my funds held?

    • No, Truckit does not have access to your funds and hence does not earn any interest on the funds

  • Are there any extra fees when using Truckit Pay?

    • No, there are no additional costs or fees when using Truckit Pay