The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) advises that:

"In the context of the sharing economy, phoenixing occurs when a person or business closes their account, or has their account cancelled, and opens a new account, appearing to be a new member or user of the platform. People often engage in phoenixing as a means to overcome a bad reputation and start again.

Phoenixing can have serious consequences for consumers and traders. It can mislead them into thinking that they are dealing with a party that is new to the platform or has only received positive feedback. In worst case situations, it can mislead consumers or traders into dealing with someone who has had extremely bad reviews or has engaged in misconduct or criminal behaviour. " explicitly prohibit the practice of phoenixing.

At the absolute discretion of, suspected phoenixing activity will be treated by means including but not limited to:

-Limiting a user's account

-Suspending a user's account

-Terminating a user's account