There are often questions you need to ask a Transport Provider about their quote before you go ahead and accept it. Truckit providers a handy messaging service for this very reason. 

To find the message section:

  1. Make sure you are logged in, you can do so at  
  2. Go to My Listings and click on the listing you have questions about.       
  3. Scroll down to the Quotes section and click on the quote you have questions about to expand the message section (see picture below)
  4. Type your message and click Send Message

For safety reasons we ask that you do not share any personal or business contact details in the messaging system, as this is a public forum. Read more in our Community Guidelines

The Provider will instantly receive an email alerting them of the message. They can then login and reply when available. As a lot of Providers are owner-drivers they may be out driving during the day and may not be able to respond straight away, please consider this when waiting for a response. But don't worry, you will receive an instant email to alert you they have replied.

Once a quote has been accepted and the job booked you will receive all the business and contact details of the Provider in order for you to contact them directly to arrange pickup and delivery.