Quote is accepted - customer pays full amount

Once your Truckit Pay quote has been accepted, the status of the listing will go from Active to Booked. The customer will have paid the total job amount with your Provider Quote amount now being held for you in a secure holding account.

Contact the customer

You should now send the Customer a private message to confirm all the details about the job. Such as pickup/delivery locations and times

Deliver the goods - mark as delivered

Once you have delivered the goods, simply login to the job details page and click 'Mark as Delivered' and leave feedback for the job. 

Customer confirms delivery - payment released

The customer will then be asked to confirm delivery, after which the payment held on your behalf will be released to your nominated bank account. It can take 2-4 business days for the payment to reach your account.

If the customer marked the job as Delivered before you, then you will still need to login and update the job however you will see 'Mark as Complete' as the option to click instead. Clicking this still allows you to leave feedback for the job.