1. Login to Truckit.net
  2. Go to 'My Listings'
  3. Click on the listing you are ready to accept. This will load your listing page where you will see your quote(s)
  4. Click on the quote you like to expand its full terms and options
  5. Click the orange button beneath your quote labelled 'Proceed to Accept' 
  6. Fill out the details in the checkout and make payment
  7. You will then be sent the contact details of your Provider and they will be sent yours
  8. Contact your Provider to organise the finer details

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are accepting the right quote! 

Sometimes providers can offer you multiple quotes with different prices and/or terms e.g. One Quote may be for delivery to a depot, whereas the other quote could be door to door. 

Make sure you read the Quote Specific Terms before accepting a quote as any cancellations due to change of mind or accepting the wrong quote will not be refunded.