To begin offering and accepting Truckit Pay from your customers you will need to sign up and add a bank account (see steps below) and then select 'Truckit Pay' whenever you are placing a quote.

To sign up and add your preferred bank account simply login to TruckIt and go to Account Settings>My Payout Methods where you will see the form pictured below. 

Step 1 - KYC Check

As with any bank or payment provider, you must first prove your identity. Supply your first and last name and date of birth then click 'Save and Continue'. Your ABN will be prefilled from your account application, if your ABN is incorrect or has changed, please contact

Step 2 - Bank Details

To add a payout method, you will need to supply:

  • Name of your bank e.g. Commonwealth Bank
  • BSB
  • Account Number
  • Account Holder Name
  • Account Type
  • Holder Type

Step 3 - Select Truckit Pay as the payment terms on your quotes

When adding a quote on any job you will see the option to select 'Payment Terms' in the New Quote form. Select Truckit Pay as your payment terms and this will be displayed on your quote as well as the Truckit Pay padlock icon. You can also select 'Save as Default' to offer Truckit Pay on all future quotes.