What is a chargeback?

A "Chargeback" refers to a card payment dispute that is lodged on behalf of a Customer by their issuing bank, and is a demand by the Bank for the Merchant (Provider) to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

Protect yourself from disputes, chargebacks and other unforeseen situations by taking a number of steps to streamline your delivery process.

Take a photo of the goods at the collection and delivery point

This is not only important to prove delivery of the goods but to record their condition in the unlikely event of a claim for damage.

Some mobile phones automatically time and geo-stamp the photograph to show it was taken at the delivery location. Or maybe you could take a photo of the goods with the receiver, with their permission of course. 

Record a name and signature of the person receiving

Along with the photo, it is recommended that your record the name and signature of the person who accepted delivery of the goods. This is especially useful when the customer who booked the job is the sender of the goods, so you can tell them who received the delivery.

All this information can be useful to prove services have been rendered in the unlikely event that a chargeback is requested by your customer.