Truckit does not verify any information that a Provider gives about their insurance, including but not limited to their coverage, level or status.  It is therefore important to do your own due diligence and use the Truckit messaging to ask the Provider for more details. Once you have accepted a quote from a Provider, you can then directly contact them and request any documentation to validate their claims.

Some things to consider or ask your Provider include:

Type of insurance

What type of insurance does the Provider offer, is it full accidental damage coverage? Marine Transit Insurance? Truck Insurance? Some types of insurance cover certain events but may exclude accidental damage if goods are are dropped or damage during loading or unloading.


Does the Provider's insurance cover your specific items and the way in which they will be moved.


What is the excess for making a claim if something goes wrong and who is responsible for paying the excess.

Claims process

You are not the policy holder so you will always be relying on the other party to make a claim if required.

For peace of mind, you may like to consider the Goods in Transit Insurance available at the checkout on certain freight categories. For more information read our article on How to get a quote for Goods in Transit Insurance