Do I need to put my goods on a pallet?

While it is not always necessary to put your items on a pallet, if you are able to do so it may get you a lower quote. Pallets are very easy to move and larger carriers can often offer competitive rates due to the volume of pallets they move. In saying this, your pallet must be suitable for transport and any goods secured to the pallet and packaged properly. 

Can I move just one box?

Absolutely. has transport providers who cater to all size of jobs, from individual boxes right up to whole house moves and large mining machinery. To move one or a few boxes, simply create a listing in our Pallets and Packages category.

How should I pack my items?

While packaging requirements can vary depending on your Provider, the best piece of advice is to package things as thoroughly and securely as possible. Proper packaging can help minimise the risk of accidental damage.