Smart Matching is the technology has developed to match freight with the most suitable Providers. In order to get the most out of smart matching, it is important to complete your profile and keep it up to date.

Some of the data Smart Matching looks uses, but not exclusive to :

  • Proximity to your Address
  • Categories serviced
  • Saved searches
  • Positive Feedback score
  • Past jobs
  • Past quotes in same category
  • Conversion metrics
  • Response to past Invites
  • and many more...

The more complete your profile and settings are, the more likely you are to match a customers requirements.  Also the more active you are on the site, in regards to reputation, responding, quoting on and completing jobs, etc, the smarter the machine and algorithms become.  The machines deep learning about what jobs are the best fit for your business gets smarter and smarter with every piece of data we gather.