Once your Provider delivers your item(s) they are required to login to Truckit.net and mark the job as 'Delivered'. Once they have done this, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm that your items have been delivered. From here payment will be released when either:

  • You login to TruckIt and mark the job as "Complete", leaving feedback for the transport Provider in the process; OR
  • 72 hours passes since the job was marked as Delivered; Whichever occurs first.

What if my item(s) have not been delivered but I receive an email asking me to confirm delivery?

If you have received an email asking you to confirm delivery but your items has not been delivered. Please login immediately to Truckit.net and go to your listing page where you will find the option to 'Dispute Delivery'. This will pause the release of payment until the situation regarding the non-delivery is resolved.

When you click Dispute Delivery will be asked to give an explanation as to why you are disputing the delivery which will then be sent to the transport Provider to respond and subsequently followed up by Truckit staff. If the item(s) have not been delivered, then the payment will continue to be held until such time that it can be established that the item(s) have been delivered.

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