In order to ensure the safety and security of all TruckIt users, we require transport Providers wishing to sign up to provide the following documents and information:

1. Current Australian Business Number (ABN)

You will be required to enter your ABN when completing the application form. While you do not need to provide any documentation for your ABN, TruckIt regularly conducts currency checks on ABN's to ensure they remain active. Anyone found using an ABN of another company can and will be suspended from the TruckIt platform.

2. Proof of Identity (Licence or Passport)

Must be a current, active Australian drivers licence; or current active Australian or international Passport 

3. Licence selfie

A self-captured photo (selfie) of yourself holding your current valid drivers licence next to your face (see example below). Ensure this is a headshot and the driver licence you are holding is clear and readable. Your face should also not be obscured by any hats, glasses or sunglasses. This helps us confirm the link between you and the identity you are claiming.