Sometimes the location, description, size or scale of the job may change from what was originally listed. 

In these situations your transport Provider may submit a request to increase the amount held in Truckit Pay in order to reflect the new value of the job. 

If the Provider requests an increase you will receive an email informing you of the requested increase and will be asked to login and either accept the increase and make payment via Credit/Debit card or decline the increase if you do not agree with the charges.

If a Provider provides evidence that a Customer/Shipper has incorrectly declared the Items shipped, the Provider can seek compensation through the Request Increase option from the customer.  If the Customer fails to accept the increase, then the Provider can escalate this for review by Truckit.  The Customer will be given an opportunity to respond.   If the Customer agrees to pay, or Truckit determines that they are responsible for the extra charges, Truckit can collect any sums required to cover the extra charges, on behalf of the Provider or Truckit.