This article outlines in what circumstances you are able to initiate a TruckIt Pay dispute  (Part A) and how you can raise a TruckIt Pay dispute and the subsequent process (Part B).

Once your transport provider marks your job as 'Delivered' you will receive an email asking you to confirm delivery, you are required to login and confirm or dispute the delivery within 72 hours otherwise payment will be automatically released to the transport provider. If you login and 'Dispute Delivery' this will pause the releasing of payment to your transport provider until the dispute is resolved or withdrawn.

PART A. Conditions for raising a TruckIt Pay dispute

Reasons TruckIt may withhold TruckIt Pay funds

1. Non-Delivery of your items

You can dispute the release of funds held in TruckIt Pay if your items have not been delivered. If you have received an email asking you to confirm delivery and your items have not been delivered please login immediately to and click Dispute Delivery on your listing page.

Reasons TruckIt does not withhold TruckIt Pay funds

1. Damages to goods

TruckIt does not withhold Truckit Pay funds for damages to goods disputes.  TruckIt provides insurance options if customers have concerns over their items in transit however a customer cannot withhold TruckIt Pay funds based on a damages claim.

TruckIt will investigate any claims of negligence or duty of care issues with the carriage of goods by Providers. 

2. Conditions of Carriage

TruckIt does not withhold TruckIt Pay funds in cases of disputes over conditions of carriage where provided by the transport Provider.  This includes but is not limited to mode/method of transport, delays, uplift dates etc. 

NB: The reasons above are guidelines and do not prevent TruckIt from being involved in the case of gross negligence or incompetence by a provider. In all cases you will have the ability to leave honest, informative feedback for your transport provider on their public TruckIt profile which helps assist future customers and TruckIt in evaluating the performance of all transport providers. You also have the right to pursue any dispute with your transport provider via your local court should the TruckIt pay dispute process not provide sufficient recourse.

PART B. The TruckIt Pay dispute process

1. Login and Dispute Delivery 

If you have received an email asking you to confirm delivery of your job when it has not actually been delivered then you will need to login to and go to your listing page where you will see the action button 'Dispute Delivery'. Click this button to initiate the dispute process. 

2. TruckIt will seek a response from the transport provider

Once you have disputed the delivery, TruckIt automatically sends an email to the transport provider seeking a response. We highly recommend you continue your direct contact with the transport provider in order to resolve the dispute. It is best to keep everything in writing, with emails or the TruckIt private messages being the recommended method of communication as there will be a clear record.

3. TruckIt reviews the dispute

TruckIt will allow 3 business days from the time the dispute is lodged for evidence and information to be submitted. TruckIt will then review the information including any evidence the Provider has given for Proof of Delivery.

4. TruckIt makes a decision

If you are not happy with our decision you are able to pursue the matter through your local court or regulatory body.