When undertaking a job that uses the payment terms of TruckIt Pay you are required to login and mark the job as Delivered once you have delivered the items. Once you mark the job as Delivered your customer will receive an email asking them confirm delivery and release the payment held. If your customer believes their item/s have not been delivered, they will have the option to 'Dispute Delivery'. By disputing the delivery the release of TruckIt Pay funds will be pause until the following dispute process is resolved.

1. Customer disputes delivery - you will receive an email

As soon as your customer disputes delivery of their item/s TruckIt automatically sends an email to you the transport provider seeking a response. We highly recommend you contact your customer at this point to discuss the reason for their dispute, particularly if you have indeed delivered the item/s. It is best to keep everything in writing, with emails or the TruckIt private messages being the recommended method of communication as there will be a clear record of correspondence. 

2. Respond to the dispute

After contacting your customer directly the courses of action available are:

    a) The customer withdraws the dispute, which will resume the release of payment held in TruckIt Pay. OR

    b) You will need to respond promptly to the dispute to give your side of the story. You will find the "Respond to Dispute" button

3. TruckIt reviews the dispute

TruckIt will allow 3 business days from the time the dispute is lodged for evidence and information to be submitted. TruckIt will then review the information including any evidence you have given for Proof of Delivery.

4. TruckIt makes a decision

If you are not happy with our decision you are able to pursue the matter through your local court or regulatory body.