A Premium Listing is a job that has been upgraded by a customer who wants their listing to stand out as they are serious about getting the job done and getting quotes fast. We recommend taking the time to look over Premium Listings when they pop up as they provide a good chance to secure more jobs with customers who are ready to go.

How to find Premium Listings?

'Premium Listing' label

When browsing the Search For Jobs page you may come across some jobs which have a 'Premium Listing' label. It is worthwhile having an extra look at these jobs as the customers are usually keen to get the job done fast.

Email and SMS Alerts

When a customer upgrades their job to a premium listing a selection of matched transport providers will also be instantly alerted via email and SMS. If you receive one of these alerts, take a look and see if you can do the job because the customer has a genuine and timely need for freight. It is important to keep your profile and Saved Searches up to date to receive more alerts of Premium Listings. Read more: Saved Searches

Push Notifications

If you primarily use Truckit on a desktop, make sure you have your push notifications turned on as you will also receive a push notification when a relevant job is upgraded to premium. Read more: Turn on/off Push Notifications