When a Truckit Pay job is marked as delivered and then confirmed by your customer your payment will be queued for release by Truckit's payment service provider. Payments or 'disbursements' are released in several batches throughout the day meaning you may receive a large payment which includes the funds for multiple jobs. The payment will include a reference number such as "Zai 4572: Truckit" which you can use to indentify which jobs are included in a Disbursement on the Truckit platform.

To check which jobs are included in a disbursement:

  1. Make a note of the reference number in your bank statement e.g. "Zai 4562: Truckit"
  2. Go to Account Settings>My FInancials.
  3. The Sales Invoices tab will be selected by default, please click on and switch to the Disbursements tab. 
  4. Look in the Reference column for the reference number that matches your bank statement
  5. Click on the blue hyperlink for the corresponding payment in the Transactions column. 
  6. You will now see the details of the disbursement and which jobs are included in this payout.

Visual Walkthough

Go to Account Settings>My Financials

Click on the 'Disbursements' tab then find the Reference number that matches your bank statement

Click on the row with the reference number you are looking to reconcile. This will expand the disbursement and show you which job(s) and the corresponding funds that were included in this disbursement.