NOTE: Hidden quotes are currently in Beta testing and only in use on the Shipping Containers category.

Hidden Quotes are quotes that are only visible between two parties i.e. the Provider who has placed the quote and the Customer who has received the quote. Third parties such as other transport providers and other users of TruckIt will not be able to see Hidden Quotes.

Hidden Quotes have been developed to allow Providers to give fast and detailed quotes whilst eliminating concerns about giving away too much information to the broader marketplace. This is particularly important for bigger jobs such as shipping containers where logistics can be tricky and competition is high. 

How it Works:

When a Hidden Quote is placed on a Shipping Containers listing, the following quote attibutes will be hidden from the view of third parties, remaining visible only to the quoting Provider and the Customer:

  • Quote Value
  • All other quote details such as service level, payment terms, quote specific terms etc.

The following attributes are NOT hidden and remain visible to all other users of the platform:

  • Messages

What a Provider sees: