Store Credit received from a cancelled booking can be used against future bookings. Once you have a new job listing and have received an acceptable quote, simply click 'Proceed to Accept' under the quote to go the checkout page. Once in the checkout your Store Credit will be automatically applied and if the job value is greater than your Store Credit you will be prompted to add an alternative payment method to makeup the difference.

Using your Store Credit for future bookings

You can use your Store Credit to pay for any future bookings made on The manner in which your Store Credit will be utilised depend on the Payment Terms of the new quote that you are accepting. 

  • If your new quote utilises the Payment Terms of 'Truckit Pay', then you will be required to pay the total quote value upfront, at the time of booking. Payment can be made as follows:
    • Any available Store Credit will be applied first
    • You can then pay any shortfall via Credit Card or PayID. Or;
    • If you have excess Store Credit, then you can apply for this to be refunded (see below).
  • If your new quote utilises any other Payment Terms (Upfront, On Collection, On Delivery etc.) then you will only have to pay a small Booking Deposit as the time of booking, with the remaining balance of your quote paid directly to your transport provider. Payment will occur as follows:
    • Any available Store Credit will be used to pay the Booking Deposit
    • If your Store Credit is less than the Booking Deposit, you will need to pay the shortfall via Credit Card or PayID
    • If you have more Store Credit than needed to pay for the Booking Deposit, you can apply for a refund of the remaining Store Credit
    • After paying the Booking Deposit you will then need to pay the remaining quote balance directly to your transport provider, offline, via an agreed payment method

What if I want my Store Credit refunded?

If you wish to have your Store Credit refunded back to your card or original payment method then please go to our help page and submit a help ticket, including the listing ID and/or the email address associated with your job. We will then process the refund accordingly.

The time taken to refund to your original payment method will depend on your bank, but is usually within 2-3 business days.

If your job has not been cancelled yet, you can read the steps about requesting a cancellation here