One of the benefits of using the Truckit Provider app is that you can share your location with customers, allowing them to keep up to date with their delivery.


Why offer Truckit Tracking? 

Customers want it 

According to the Global eCommerce Consumer Report by Metapack, 70% of customers say the ability to track a delivery is a top consideration when buying products online. When Truckit surveyed our repeat business shippers, being able to track their freight ranked as one of the top 3 factors considered to be the most important when choosing a transport provider.

While Truckit deliveries are not always for goods purchased online, the underlying psychology that connects visibility and trust remains the same. For a customer to engage a transport provider they have found online, they must first establish a level of trust.

As a transport provider, the fastest and easiest way to build trust with potential customers is to offer the visibility provided by Truckit Tracking powered by the Truckit Provider app.

It helps you stand out 

When you place a quote and allow Truckit Tracking you will have a tracking icon and the words 'Offers Truckit Tracking' displayed to the customer on your quote. This helps the customer quickly establish a level of trust


What customer's can see with Truckit Tracking

Customers can view your location on a map when their job has been started and you are set to Online. If both of these conditions are met, then the customer will be able to see the Truckit Tracking map. The map includes your current location as well as an estimate of the distance to the next waypoint, either collection or delivery (example below).

Customers can also share a tracking link with a 3rd party, like the receiver of the goods so they can keep up to date with the delivery. 

Good to know: To maintain a level of privacy, there is a zoom limitation on the customer map which means they can not zoom all the way in to your position.

How to offer Truckit Tracking

1. Enable Location Services on your smartphone

The first time you login to the app you will be shown a popup with a brief overview of Truckit's location tracking. You will then be prompted to set your Location Settings to 'Always'.

In order for the tracking to function properly you will need to select 'Always Allow' when prompted. This is a technical requirement to ensure a good tracking experience for your customer, otherwise the tracking will not function. But don't worry, you will have full control over when you wish to be tracked, as you will read below. If your device location settings are ever changed and you need to change them you can follow the animation below. 

2. Place a Quote and 'Allow Truckit Tracking'

If you have the app installed and your location settings are all correct, whenever you place a quote you will see the option to 'Allow Truckit Tracking'. If this is switched on, once you submit the quote, the customer will see that you are offering Truckit Tracking for this job with a tracking icon attached to your quote. 

3. Start the Job in the App

After your quote is accepted, before you leave to go and collect a job, make sure you go into the job screen and click 'Start Job'. Once you have started the job the customer will be able to see the Truckit Tracking map on their job page with your last known location. When starting the job you will also be given the options to:

  • Notify your customer via an SMS that the job has started and tracking is now available
  • Navigate to the collection address in your preferred maps app

Full Privacy Control with Online/Offline switch

With Truckit tracking you are in full control, to turn tracking on or off for all customers, simply use the 'Online' swtich on the home screen (see below).

When you are Online, customers who have a job in progress will be able to see your current location on a map as well as an estimate of the distance to the collection or delivery (example below).

When you are Offline, nobody will be able to see your location, only your last known location from when you were last online.