A faster way to book jobs with less hassle

We are currently trialling Smart Pricing.
 The aim is to; 

  1. Generate jobs from committed customers, removing tyre-kickers
  2. Allow providers to accept jobs quickly
  3. Ensure fast payment via Truckit Pay

The Smart Pricing feature will work by using machine learning to define a price based on more than 8 years of data and tens of thousands of jobs. The price is then presented to the customer to accept. Once accepted, payment will be held in Truckit Pay and the job will be shared with a limited number of suitable providers who can instantly accept the Smart Price to book in the job.

 A suitable provider is selected based on a number of factors, including; 

  • Profile strength
  • Customer feedback
  • Location
  • Vehicle type

When a provider accepts the Smart Price, the job is booked and continues just like a regular booking. As full payment has been secured in Truckit Pay, its available as soon as the job is marked as delivered.

It is important to remember that this is a trial and the final version may operate in a different way. There will be a 'Submit Feedback' button on each of these listings, so you can let us know how you feel about the pricing that has been generated or anything else you think will help us improve this feature.