The following tips will help you win more jobs, save time and avoid Customer issues on Truckit.

A Clean and Shiny Profile

  1. Upload photos and add a profile photo!
    Include some shots of your vehicle(s) in action.
    Photo by: Rhys Moult

    Note: your company details will be blurred out.

  2. Tell Customers about your business in your profile's “ABOUT” section.

            Please do not include your company name or contact details.

 Customers want assurance that their goods will arrive safely and on-time.

It is a good idea to include the following in your About section:
How long you have been operating? If you are a new business what experience does your team have?
What are your values/what do you pride yourself on?
What vehicles do you have and what jobs are you capable of?
Do your quotes include or not include insurance?

  1. Get your profile checklist score to 100%!

Find Your Preferred Jobs

  1. Watch this How to set up a Saved Search on (Youtube Video) to get notified only when relevant jobs get posted on Truckit.

Nail Your Quotes

  1. Check out our Pricing Quotes guide here!

  2. Plan out your routes.

  3. Calculate your costs with the help of a calculator like this one

  4. State what you can and can’t do in your quote and communications.

Managing Customers 101

  1. Communicate clearly and concisely with Customers responding to queries, especially in regards to loading/unloading requirements.

  2. Call the Customer after each booking and if any delays/problems occur.
    Customers appreciate being kept in the loop sooner rather than later and therefore usually understanding.

  3. Call before any cancelations to avoid negative reviews.

Ensuring Your First Jobs Run Smoothly 

  1. Start local, then expand

    1. When you start on Truckit, you won’t have any completed jobs with positive feedback for prospective Customers to review, which is important to Customers with long distance jobs. By starting with local jobs, you can undertake multiple shorter duration jobs to build up job history and positive feedback quickly on Truckit.

  2. Capture and upload proof of collection and delivery photos

    1. When you “MARK AS COLLECTED” and “MARK AS DELIVERED” on a job you should upload the following to avoid any issues with Customers:

      1. Photos of the goods at collection and delivery.

      2. A signed proof of collection/delivery note (if you are able to!). 

Add Your Terms and Conditions (Quote Specific Terms)

  1. When submitting quotes, it is crucial that you add Quote Specific Terms, to cover the following:

  • About your businesss/service. (However, don’t mention your company name or contact details).

  • Cancellation/demurrage/delay fees, if applicable.

  • Insurance, is it included or not?

  • General T&Cs.

  • Hours of pickup/delivery.

  • Requirements for loading/unloading.

      Example Quote Specific Terms 1/2:

2. When a Customer accepts your quote they are agreeing to these Quote Specific Terms, by specifying your terms and conditions clearly, it helps solve disputes with Customers, ensuring you are paid fairly when cancellations or other hiccups occur.

    Example Quote Specific Terms 2/2:

3. To avoid re-typing or copying & pasting these each time, you can save the Quote Specific Terms you enter as your default. If you are likely to use multiple different Quote Specific Terms then you should create various T&C Templates. To create a T&C Template, go to Account Settings > My Templates and click Add Template.

Get The Truckit Provider Mobile App

  1. Download the app on your iPhone or Android.

  2. Find, quote and manage jobs on the go.

  3. Book jobs based on your location and load preferences.

  4. Automatically keep Customers up to date with your locational progress.

Update “Freight Transport” and “Insurance, Payments, Other”

  1. The Freight Transport section is used by Truckit to match you to jobs, so that you can win more!

  2. The Insurance, Payments, Other section, once filled out, helps to instill confidence in Customers when choosing you as the provider to undertake their job.

If you want 1 on 1 assistance with getting the most out of, please book a 15-minute call with our Provider Success Specialist here: Book Appointment