Absolutely not.

Truckit does not charge any fees or subscription to customers or providers to use our service. 

It is completely free to sign up, list your items and obtain quotes. All quotes are obligation free.

Once you are happy with a quote, you can go ahead and accept the quote and process payment of the Truckit deposit all through the site.

Contact details of both parties will now be released and the remaining balance is now due to the provider. The terms and method of payment of the remaining balance is to be agreed upon by both parties and it is highly recommended to have this agreement set out in writing. 

Often providers will list their terms and method of payment in the 'Specific Quote Terms' attached to the quote, so it is worthwhile researching this before you make a decision on any particular provider. 

TRUCKIT warns customers against paying the full amount owing before delivery, but we do recommend using a secure payment system such as Paypal or Credit Card as they have added security features in the unlikely occurrence of a disputed transaction.