If you are regularly searching for jobs in the same state, area or freight category, then it is a good idea to set up Saved Searches to make searching much quicker and easier.

Watch our video guide below on how to set up a Saved Search

To create a Saved search you must be a logged on Provider and must go to the Search for Jobs page. 

In the top left of the page you will see the FILTER/SEARCH bar, this will expand out all the filter options.  You will find filters that will help you narrow down and target the types of freight and locations of jobs that you are interested in. Read more on each of the filters or watch our video.

After running the search, you will see at the top of the search results an orange action button labelled 'Save this Search', click this button, give your search a name and then save it for future reference. In future it will show up in the FILTER/SEARCH BAR where you initially set all your filters.

About the search filters


Search for jobs that have Collection and/or Delivery points within a selected radius of a given suburb.

Good for: Local or interstate providers who want to do multiple collections or deliveries in an area.


Search for jobs that have Collection and/or Delivery points within selected states E.g. Selecting NSW, QLD plus 'Collection and Delivery' will filter results to only show jobs that start and end in either of these states.

Good for: Providers who service all areas in particular state(s) or territories

Advanced (see the 2 types of advanced search below)

-Along the Route: Search for jobs within a given radius off a route between a starting and finishing suburb 

(PLEASE NOTE: the route is the one calculated by Google Maps to be the fastest/shortest and may differ from the actual route you take)

E.g. If you travel from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Google Maps shortest route, simply select the maximum km's you are willing to travel off the route and enter "Starting from Melbourne, Finishing at Adelaide"

Good for: Providers who travel the shortest routes and are looking for extra jobs on the way

-At Collection & Delivery Points: Search for jobs that have collection or delivery points within a given radius of your selected start and end points.

E.g. If you are starting a trip from Sydney going to Brisbane but are travelling inland and not via the shortest route Google has mapped, simply enter Collection within (x)km of Sydney and Delivery within (x)km of Brisbane to find jobs that start and end nearby.

Good for: finding jobs that start or end near your exiting jobs or routes when you may take a different route to the one calculated by Google Maps

IMPORTANT: To be notified by email whenever a new listing matches your saved searches and/or to receive a daily summary of all those listing that are a match, please go to Account Settings>Communications Preferences and select your preferred options.