In majority of cases, cancellations are a result of unavoidable circumstances and can be understood and accepted by the customer, provider and Truckit.

However, Truckit will investigate all cancellations in order to make sure that both customer and provider are acting in good faith and there is no misleading or fraudulent behaviour taking place. 

Avoidable cancellations will be penalised as follows:

If the transport provider is at fault (e.g. not showing up or returning any calls) negative feedback and a cancelled job statistic may be recorded against their profile.

Conversely, if a customer is found to be at fault (e.g. by deliberately or negligently misleading providers about details of their job, or booking a job with no intention of moving) they will not have their Truckit deposit refunded.

Communication is key when trying to prevent and sort out cancellations. Make sure you are always in touch with your customers about their job.