A provider's "Positive Feedback" rating is a score of the percentage of jobs that have been completed with positive feedback over the past 12 months only. 

The Provider Rating is calculated by (Positive completed)/(Positive and Negative completed and cancelled)

For the avoidance of doubt, jobs which have Neutral Feedback left, are not included in the rating. i.e. It will not increase or decrease the score as it is not included in the calculation. However any feedback or review comments the Customer may leave, will still be shown.

If we use the example of a Provider who has received Feedback of which 62 were positive, 2 Neutral, and 3 Negative , 

Their overall rating would be calculated as:

62+3 = 65

(62/65)100 = 95.38%

The percentage is then rounded to the closest whole number in this case being 95%.

i.e. in 95% of jobs completed, this Provider has received Positive Feedback from their Customers. 

Remember, the score can fluctuate daily even when a Provider is not getting feedback because old feedback, albeit positive or negative can fall outside the 12 month period.