When comparing quotes from Transport Providers, you will notice one of three different icons located next to a providers username. This indicates what type of provide they are, which is explained below. Each provider type operates slightly differently, with none being necessarily 'better' than the others. However Truckit likes to empower customers to make informed freight decisions with as much information as possible.

Owner/Driver: This provider is a one Truck wonder. The owner of the truck is also the driver, they will handle everything from pickup through to delivery. Sometimes this can be a small family team such as a husband-wife or father-son/daughter, they will personally handle everything from quoting on your job right through until delivery.

Transport Organisation: This provider has 2 or more trucks and is a business that has employees who handle admin, driving and delivery of your goods. This does not mean that they can contract your job to someone else. The name of the company you receive on your booking confirmation is the company that delivers.

Broker: This provider does not own any trucks or move any goods them self, but rather uses their networking ability to secure quick and competitive freight options.

If at any stage throughout your freight experience you feel that a provider may be operating as a different provider type then the one listed on their profile, please contact support at support@truckit.netor 1300 859 850 so we can investigate.