Once you are happy with a quote, simply login to your account, navigate to my listings and find the appropriate listing. Next, find your desired quote and click the orange Proceed to Accept button, as shown here. 

Make sure you are accepting the right quote! 

Sometimes providers can offer you multiple quotes with different prices and/or terms e.g. One Quote may be for delivery to a depot, whereas the other quote could be door to door. 

Make sure you read the Quote Specific Terms before accepting as any Cancellations due to change of mind or accepting the wrong quote will not be refunded.


To accept a Quote and Book your Job, you will have to pay a small Deposit Fee of between 5-9% of your total Quote amount. This is payable by Credit Card or PayPal and is deducted from the Total Quote amount to give you the Remaining Balance which is payable directly to your chosen Transport Provider. 

The payment methods and terms accepted varies by each Provider, so it is best to check their Quote Terms and confirm this with your Provider before making any payment to them. 

*If the provider requests payment upfront, Truckit always suggests using PayPal or Credit Card as these are secure payment options which provide recourse options in the unlikely event of a dispute*