Truckit Pay is a secure payment method offered via TruckIt that ensures payment for a freight job is paid and secured upfront from a customer at the time of accepthing a quote and then released to the transport Provider upon confirmed delivery of the job. This creates security for both parties in the transaction as transport Providers know the money is secured upfront, while customes have the assurance that the Provider will not be paid until the items are delivered. 

How does it work?

When you accept a quote that has the stated payment terms of 'Truckit Pay' you will be required to pay the full freight amount upfront using a VISA/Mastercard Debit or Credit Card.

This payment is then held in a secure holding account on behalf of the transport provider until the job has been confirmed as delivered.

Once your transport Provider has delivered the job, they will need to login to Truckit and mark the job as delivered. An email will then be sent to you asking you to confirm that the job is delivered. 

You will have 72 hours to login to and confirm the job has been delivered by clicking Mark as Complete on your listing page. As soon as you mark the job as complete, or if 72 hours passes since the job was marked as delivered (whichever comes first), then the payment will be released to the transport Provider's nominated bank account.

What are the benefits?

You only have to pay once, at the time of booking and do not need to make separate payments to the transport provider, thus reducing unecessary paperwork. You also have peace of mind knowing that your transport provider will not receive payment until the goods are delivered. 

What TruckIt Pay does not cover

Truckit Pay does not protect Customers/Buyers against damages to their items.  Truckit Pay payments cannot be withheld from Providers in cases such as disputes over damages. To protect against damages, we do offer insurance from our partner NTI for most items. Alternatively your transport provider may have their own warranty or insurance process, however TruckIt does not verify providers insurance so please do your own due dilligence.