Active: Listing is live on the marketplace, visible to our network of Transport Providers who can Quote directly to the Customer.

Withdrawn: Listing has been withdrawn by the customer, all Quotes have been Declined.

Booked: Customer has accepted a Quote and booked the job. The Provider and Customer should contact each other to organise Pickup and Delivery.

Expired: Listing has run out of time, no new Quotes can be placed, the Customer should choose a Quote quickly (all remaining active Quotes will automatically expire 24 hours after the listing expires).

In Transit: Customer or Provider has marked the Item(s) in the listing as being Picked Up, Delivery is on the way.

Delivered: Customer or Provider has marked the Job as Delivered, awaiting confirmation from the other party.

Complete: Listing has been marked as Delivered and confirmed by both Customer and Provider, Feedback has been left on the Listing.

Cancelled: Listing was requested to be Cancelled by either Customer or Provider, this Request has been confirmed by both parties and has been approved by a Truckit Administrator.