Communication is key

The key to successfully completing a job starts the moment you win the job. It is important to reach out as soon as you can to a new customer to let them know of the next steps ahead. We are all human after all and when connecting with someone over an online platform, the first impressions can help build trust and a good working relationship.

Tip: Set up pre-written emails or text messages that can be quickly sent to customers when they book a job. Something simple that introduces yourself and lets them know you will get back to them shortly can make all the difference.

Reassure your customer

Remember, the nature of online business is that there can always be some doubt over a providers service. Try to reassure the customer by telling them all about your service, what it includes and the care you will take with their items, a little peace of mind goes a long way.

Positive reviews help you win more jobs

Customer reviews and feedback can be a great marketing tool for your business, so it is important to keep customers happy by completing the jobs you win successfully. The best place to start is by communicating early and effectively. If a customer asks a question, respond promptly and politely. 

Meet your dates

If you have quoted a specific pickup and delivery date in your terms it is important to meet those dates. If a genuine problem or issues comes up that may prevent you from meeting your deadline, be sure to inform the customer ASAP. Most are understanding of issues that arise, but not if they are not told until days later.

Minimise cancellations

The complex nature of freight and logistics means sometimes things go wrong and a job must be cancelled. Every transport provider, no matter how good, can expect to have a few cancellations throughout the course of business. But it is important to minimise any avoidable cancellations, as this may affect your completion rate on your TruckIt Profile. Tips to avoid cancellations:

  • Don't quote on too many jobs at once if you cannot complete them all
  • If you win some jobs which mean you can no longer fulfill some of your other active quotes, withdraw them as soon as possible. This reduces overbooking and cancellations
  • Update customers early of any issues that arise 
  • Read job details carefully and ask questions if something doesn't make sense