Sometimes a job may be different to what was described in the listing. This may be due to size or weight of items, changes to locations, loading situation changed etc. 

Truckit now has a Request Increase option for jobs using Truckit Pay as their payment terms. It is recommend that you contact your customer via the Truckit messaging before sending a Request for Increase in order to maintain full transparency.

To find this option, go to My Jobs and open up the job you need increased. Once on the job page you will see the option to Request Increase. Enter an additional amount and click Request to send the request to your customer. They will then have to accept or decline the increase. It helps if you have some proof as to why you are requesting the increase.

Please note: The Additional Amount box is the total increase amount that the customer will need to pay, which includes the Truckit fee. When you enter an amount in the Additional Amount box you will see 'Your take home amount $xx' appear just below (example pictured below). Your take home amount will be added to the current Provider Amount held in the secure holding account on your behalf and will be released to your bank account upon confirmed delivery of the job.