What to do when I have not accepted a quote, but a Provider is not responding to my questions?

If a Provider isn't responding this could be due to a number of factors, including the very likely possibility that the Provider is out on the road. Please be understanding of this and perhaps send a polite follow up message if you have not heard back after a reasonable period of time. 

If your question is urgent (e.g. the quoted pickup date is approaching and you need to act fast) reach out to Truckit support via support@truckit.net and we will do our best to contact the Provider.

What to do if I have accepted a quote and the Provider is not responding?

1. Be patient

Depending on the size and type of business your Provider is operating, they may not be able to respond instantly to every. For example Owner Drivers spend most of their time out on the road

2. Try another method

If your calls are not being answered, it could be because your Provider is on the road or attending to other business. Sending a written message means your Provider can respond when they are not driving and have time to reply. You could try:

  • Sending a private message on Truckit. (Recommended as Truckit keeps a log of messages)\
  • Send an SMS
  • Send an email

3. Contact Truckit support

If you have tried to contact your transport provider multiple times and by various methods and you are not receiving a response, we recommend contacting support@truckit.net for assistance. Please note that Truckit is only able to assist where you have made genuine and concerted efforts to contact your Provider. This is why we recommend using the Truckit private messaging system as there is a record of messages kept.