Truckit Pay increases success rate

TruckIt's data shows that on average, Providers who offer Truckit Pay as the payment terms on their quotes have a significantly higher success rate than Provider's whose quotes use traditional payment methods such as Payment Upfront or Payment On Collection. This is because customers appreciate the security and convenience that Truckit Pay provides and will often consider this when comparing quotes. 

Truckit Pay reduces administration work for your business

Collecting payment without Truckit Pay often means you have to send out an invoice with your bank details, follow up the customer, receive remittance advice and reconcile your bank statement to ensure payment is received. 

With Truckit Pay you simply enter your bank details once and then you will be paid fast and direct for all confirmed deliveries. You can view a report of all disbursements along with associated job details to see which payments are still held and which have been released to you. 

Truckit Pay ensures your funds are secured

With Truckit Pay, the customer pays the full job amount upfront into a secure third party holding account. This means you no longer have the risk of non-payment associated with collecting payment on collection or delivery.

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