Sometimes things don't go as planned when undertaking a job, the customer may not have the same opinion as you and is entitled to leave a rating and review, which unfortunately may be negative. It is important to know how to handle feedback and what to do if you do not agree with the customer. Below is the recommend process for dealing with negative feedback.

    1. Discuss the issue with your customer

Sometimes you may receive a negative feedback without even knowing that the customer had an issue with your service. While this can be frustrating, the best thing you can do is try and contact your customer to see if there is anything that can be done to resolve the issue. Customers who have submitted negative feedback have the option to edit or change their feedback so it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to any feedback that camn help resolve their issue. If you feel you have provided a sufficient resolution for the customer then you may wish to politely request that they edit their rating or review. 

    2. Reply to the feedback

In the interest of fairness and balance, TruckIt gives every recipient of negative feedback the ability to reply to the feedback in order to explain your side of the story. 

Only after you have completed the two steps above are you able to contact TruckIt Support If you still feel the rating or review is unwarranted. Please email with any and all correspondence between yourself and your customer and an explanation as to why you believe the review is either false or unwarranted. TruckIt will review the information and make a decision.

Please note: Under the ACCC Guidelines, TruckIt can not moderate reviews based solely on a difference of opinion. TruckIt can only investigate and moderate reviews where there is conclusively false information given.