What is Truckit Tracking?

Truckit Tracking is a tracking service that transport providers can use to share their location whilst a job is in progress. Truckit Tracking is only available to providers that have downloaded and use the Truckit Provider app with the appropriate location services settings enabled. 

If your selected Provider allows Truckit Tracking then you will be able to see the Truckit Tracking map once they have started the job, until it has been delivered

On the Truckit Tracking map you will be able to see the last known location of your Provider, as well as their estimated distance from your collection or delivery point. The distance assumes your Provider will go straight there, but they may have other pickups or dropoffs on the way, so it should be used as a guide only.

Example Truckit Tracking map

How to tell if a Provider offers Truckit Tracking?

When a Provider has allowed Truckit Tracking on their quote, you will see a location tracking beacon icon next to their quote on your listing page (example below). 

Please note that for operational reasons, providers can enable or disable the availability of Truckit Tracking up until the time that you accept their quote. If you think the provider has disabled the feature but you would like it enabled, please send them a message prior to accepting their quote.