When you click  to ADD QUOTE on a listing, you will find two boxes, 'Total Quote Amount' and 'Provider Quote Amount'. Entering a value in either field will automatically calculate and fill out the other, therefore meaning you don't need to work out the fee for each job.

The Total Quote amount is the amount the customer will be shown.

The Provider  Quote amount is the amount that you will take home from the job (including GST if registered)

The difference between the two is the Deposit Fee which the customer will pay directly to Truckit.net in order to secure the job and connect both parties. The customer will then pay you the Provider Quote amount aka the Remaining Balance directly, on the terms you supplied in your quote.

Therefore as a provider, you will never have to pay Truckit directly.

The Truckit matching fee is dynamic and works on a sliding scale based on the value of a job and the category.