What is a backload and how does it benefit the Customer?

A Backload is when a Transport Provider can offer a cheaper rate to deliver freight on the return leg of a journey. For example, if a Provider is moving freight from A to B, they will be coming back empty from B to A. Hence the Provider will want to fill up their Truck on this return leg.

The benefit to customers is that providers can offer cheaper rates to move things in a back load from B to A in order to make their trip efficient and profitable. By listing your Move on truckit.net, you are opening yourself up to our network of 3,500+ Providers who regularly search our marketplace for backload jobs. But be quick, if a provider places a competitive Quote to backload your House Move, it may have a short expiry time because they are ready to return.

What if I need to add more things on later?

While this is certainly possible using Truckit's messaging system to clarify new details about your job, it is best to have an accurate inventory of your things before placing a quote. This is because most Transport Providers will Quote based on the volume of your items in cubic metres. By altering the volume after your listing is active, you are affecting the ability for providers to give you an accurate, competitive quote. 

How do I calculate how much stuff I have?

Thats simple, just use Truckit's built in volume calculator found in the Get a Quote form for Moving House. By entering the quantity of each common household item you need moved, Truckit will calculate the approximate total volume of your household goods.

What is a Full Service and Semi-Service Removalist?

A full service removalist is one that will pack, move and unpack your goods. That's right, everything is taken care of. A semi-service is one that offers to load and unload your boxes and furniture at both ends, but you will have to do the packing and unpacking yourself.